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Realone as a company

Realone is an independent commercial real estate advisor and investor, whose operations are guided and encouraged by a strong desire to support and add value to our customers in their real estate solutions.

Our authority is based on long-term strategic advising. We are working as a long-term strategic partner for corporate's real estate management.


Realone's experienced team provides sophisticated deal structuring, reliable investor intelligence, and access to international and domestic stakeholders and capital.


Realone has a strong experience in real estate transactions and large-scale development projects both in Finland and internationally. Realone has been involved in dozens of real estate transactions and development projects with a total value of more than one billion euros.


Realone has excellent knowledge and long-term experience of how a corporation supports their core business with their own real estate strategy. We are involved in diverse real estate projects, with a long-term partnership as part of the development of a portfolio and a successful real estate strategy.

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Our clients

Long-term strategic partnerships are core of our business and operations

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